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General information

Veterinary Hospital of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) is a full-service hospital, caring for farm animals, horses and pets. LLU Veterinary Hospital mission is to deliver high quality, comprehensive veterinary medicine to our patients. High quality of veterinary services is reached by involving the best veterinary specialists of Latvia, using modern methods of visual diagnostics and laboratory examination as well as evidence-based medicine. We cooperate with other veterinary hospitals of Latvia and Baltics by rendering reference services. 

LLU Veterinary Hospital is proud to be the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) approved. The mission of the EAEVE is to evaluate, promote and further develop the quality and standard of veterinary medical establishments

At LLU Veterinary Hospital, we treat animals like the valued family members they are.

We are working by appointment:

  • from Monday to Friday from 9 am until 7 pm
  • Saturday from 9 am until 5 pm.
  • Emergency service is provided 24 hours a day.



We accept cash (Euro) and bank cards. Unfortunately, we don't accept American Express bank cards.

All of us speak Latvian, English, and Russian, some also German.