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How to find us

The Veterinary Hospital of Latvia University of Agriculture is located in Kristapa Helmaņa iela 8, Jelgava, Latvia (Latitude 56,6636 Longitude 23,7482). Jelgava is placed in the central part of Latvia therefore it is convenient travel here from any side using either private or public transport. The distance from capital city of Latvia - Riga -  is only 42 km, so it takes less than hour to come here by private transport, bus (Riga International Bus Terminal - or train (Riga International Train Terminal -

If you use private transport, take road:

  • E77 / A8 if you come from Riga
  • E77 / A12 (LT), then A8 (LV) if you come from Šiauliai
  • E67 / A10 (LT), then A7 (LV), then P93 if come from Panevežys
  • P20 (BY), then A6 (LV), then A8 if you come from Polatsk
  • E22 / M9 (RU), then A12 (LV), then A6, then A8 if you come from Velikiye Luki
  • E77 / A-212 (RU), then A2 (LV), then A8 if you come from Pskov
  • E264 / 3 (EST), then A3 (LV), then A8 if you come from Tartu
  • E67 / 4 (EST), then A1 (LV), then A8 if you come from Parnu

For your comfort we have sufficient amount of parking places in our campus.

Plan of campus of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Latvia University of Agriculture:

Campus plan

  • A - Administration of the Faculty, Preclinical Institute, Clinical Institute, Museum
  • B - Clinical Institute, Physiotherapy unit
  • C - Vivarium, Laboratory of artifitial insemination and reproduction
  • D - Pathology and microbiology
  • E - Anatomical theatre
  • F - Institute of Food and Environmental Hygiene
  • G - Small animal isolator/shelter
  • H - Incinerator of biological waste
  • I, J - Storehouses
  • K - Equine clinic
  • M - Small animal clinic
  • S - Productive animal clinic
  • 1 - Student hostel
  • 2 - Dining facility

If you face a problem to find us, contact our receptions by phone:

  • Equine clinic - +371 26360367
  • Productive animal clinic - +371 29429431
  • Small animal clinic - +371 29484198

It will be a pleasure to help you!